Epps Beverages began its life as a gas station and beer restaurant. John and Anne Epps bought the "Midway" in November 1947 from Jack and Emma McFarland. They settled here with their two daughters, Carol and Joan. John Jr. was born in July 1949.
Application for a beer distributor's license was filled in 1951 by Limerick attorney, Lou Sager. Memorial Day 1952 was opening day when John called from Harrisburg and said, "I'm coming home with the license. Order 100 cases of beer!" The beer was delivered to the small white building to the right of Epps' former location at 79 W. Ridge Pike. The small white building is still there, but the restaurant and gas station were replaced with a new building in the fall of 1973.

In 1952 beers were sold in 12oz or 16oz returnable bottles. Today, there's only one beer and one soda sold in that packaging, while the majority of beverages are purchased in cans or non-returnable bottles.

Today, aisles, shelving and shopping area is necessary to provide comfort and ease for over 200 domestic, craft, and imported beers, sodas, water and snacks.
Products from Epps Beverages Inc. have been served at many marriages, chrstenings, family reunions, graduations, picnics, and golf outings. Perhaps Russell Mendel or Jason McLaughlin will fill your order.
Hopefully, the next sixty years will bring good health, togetherness, and prosperity for the family and friends of Epps Beverages Inc.
Thank you!   — The Epps Family